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10 Strawberry Street Nova Square Banquet 45-piece Dinnerware Set

This 10-piece dinnerware set from Nova Square is a fantastic substitute to get your next restaurant set up - with 45 different design options, you're sure to find a fantastic setting for your next party, plus, the popular Strawberry and orange flavors are terrific for any meal, and the dishes are dishwasher-safe for basic cleaning.

10 Strawberry Street Nova Square Banquet 45 Piece Dinnerware Set

This 45-piece dinnerware set from 10 Strawberry Street Nova Square is a peerless substitute to get your meal in without spending a fortune, the set includes a course, knife, and spoon, so you can add a new course each time without having to purchase separately. The dinnerware also includes a good amount for serving up your meal, including but not limited to a set of utensils, this set is top-of-the-line for a single or double person meal, and would be top-of-the-heap for who covet to make their meal-meets-every-day feel comfortable and comfortable. This 10-piece Square dinnerware set is superb for the highest level of wine-tasting, the dinnerware set includes a few agricultural-inspired designs, such as an 10-footonion smal star of the pendant w apart from 10 Strawberry fields, which can represent the skill of winemaking. The set also includes a $10 bill and 6, 99 for a set of 10. This 45-piece dinnerware set is top-rated for either a formal or everyday dinner, the sets include 6 dinner plates, 6 dining plates, and 4 dessert plates. They are sure to get you through the meal! This 10-piece dinnerware set from Banquet is practical for any event! The Square design makes it top-of-the-heap for uncomplicated host access and the clear glass front makes it straightforward to see what's being served.